The boys of Adaptiv are a special type of DJ combo – they are a trio! Their joint goal is to animate the people in front of the stages to party hard. Whether in a club or at the large festivals: these three make it their responsibility to send the listeners into an absolute state of ecstasy and to make sure they have an unforgettable time. In doing so, huge flags are waved or gigantic confetti canons are launched to their future, bass and electro sounds.

Oliver, Christian and Philipp know each other from their hometown, Hanover. Back then, their common journey started at one of the first Holi festivals in Germany – the Holi Farbrausch. To date, as resident DJs they accompany the Europe-wide festival tours and perform together with other international DJ acts. A glance at the tour schedule of Adaptiv reveals where these boys will be hanging around. In addition to numerous club performances, they are playing at festivals such as Nature One, Open Beatz, Ruhr In Love, Ferdinands Feld, Summer City Beats or even enjoy taking on the party boat of Oceanbeat on Ibiza.

Parallel to the shows, there are regular productions, which also rejoice in international support. Artists such as Robin Schulz will perform their releases on the main stages of Tomorrowland, Mayday or the SMS Festival. Even Ibiza is influenced by their beats and thus, the party folk in Ushuaia or Pacha regularly hear their productions.

Their single “Chinatown” was released by the Hamburg label RUN DBN and this is exactly what makes Adaptiv stand out – an absolute club smasher that will definitely make you freak out! The track “HOOP” was premiered by Don Diablo at this Hexagon Radioshow and is released by Sick & Sound.


Nature One

Open Beatz Festival

Summer City Beats Festival

Holi Farbrausch Festival

Oceanbeat Ibiza

Ferdinands Feld Festival

Lost Identity Festival

theBANK Festival

Frau Holle Festival

Auditorium / Erkelenz

Vamos / Lüneburg

Festplatz Nord / Hamburg

Alando Palais / Osnabrück

Weidendamm / Hannover

Club Savoy / Göttingen

and many more…



Hoop (w/ Ton Don)

(2017) [SICK & SOUND]

Chinatown (w/ Andrew Belize) (2016) [RUN


Say It Gone (w/ BJRN)

(2016) [PRO-CEED]



Seven Nation Army (w/ Enya Angel & Deepdink) (2015) [FREE DOWNLOAD] Free

Your Mind (w/ Jess Dean) (2015) [FREE




Holi Farbrausch Hymne (w/ Krumm & Schief & Ultramarin) (2014) [HOLI FARBRAUCH REC]


Marc Terenzi – Don’t Recognize You (Adaptiv Remix) (2017) [BMG]

Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down (Adaptiv Remix) (2016) [WE PLAY / WARNER]

Krumm & Schief – Decadance (Adaptiv Remix) (2016) [KIEZBEATS]


Noisy Bears – U Got My Love (Adaptiv Bootleg) (2016) Faithless –

Insomnia (Adaptiv Bootleg) (2016)

Major Lazor – Light It Up (Adaptiv Bootleg) (2016) Calvin Harris – Feel

So Close (Adaptiv Bootleg) (2015) Charli XCX – Break The Rules

(Adaptiv Bootleg) (2015) Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down (Adaptiv Bootleg) (2015)

Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love(Adaptiv Bootleg) (2014)


Adaptiv @ Holi Farbrausch Osnabrück 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd7V_lzOjhQ

Adaptiv @ Open Beatz Festival 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQZhxh8Pt3s

Robin Schulz spielt „Sun Goes Down (Adaptiv Mix)“ @ Mainstage Tomorrowland:

Charli XCX – Break The Rules (Adaptiv Bootleg): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVs_8JJ-biI


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AdaptivMusic

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/adaptiv-music

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/adaptivmusic