Christian Pandonis @ Edem club (Dassia beach Corfu)
dj/producer: Christian Pandonis @ Edem club (Dassia beach Corfu)

Christian Pandonis is no doubt one Greece’s hottest exports. Recognised for his ability to decimate dance floors with his unique, electric infusion of Tribal-Latin drums, Mediterranean sun drenched House and powered by Tech/no and bound by no limitations or genre definitions.
Born in the U.K. and raised in Hellas, Pandonis got his first taste for clubbing way back in the late 70s as his family owned the most popular disco in the cosmopolitan,lush island of Corfu. Rather than spinning at the marigold rides and swings, this little kid was soaking in djs spinning vinyl, 18-30 disco parties and without realising, he was setting the strong foundations that has lead him to be a reliable addition to the international House scene.

From djing at friends parties in junior high school, radio shows, first gigs at bars, resident spots by the age of eighteen, gigs in England, Australia, Norway, Christian’s life has been all about bringing people to clubs and making them dance.