dj M.K. & dj mar-X @ EDEM CLUB
Christos Marcos (a.k.a. dj marX)  25 years Resident dj @ edemclub.Has been playing all around Europe at places like:

Germany ,Holland , Malta , Luxemburg , Italy , France, Belgium, Greece etc … at clubs & festivals like: Edem club , Barcode , Soho , Genesis , Emporium , Amazonia , Wham , JetSet, The Factory , snowattack etc…..


His style of music is more or less house with funky, tribal and Latin club beats as well as hot sexy sounds and touch of minimal and techno.

Christos builds up the music progressively, always keeping the contact with people to create a dancefloor fusion with extremely danceable sounds.

Dj MK (aka Michael Kaloudis) was born in corfu in 1989.
It all started @ the age of 6 with clasical music (the theory of music) , @ age 8 he started playing the French Horn , piano & madoline (he took part in alot various groups of music ,( simphonic orchestras , brass bands &…) In the years to come he started studying how to compose clasical music, and one brought the other he got involve in mixing varius electronic sounds in music college (N. Ireland)..Moving back to Greece and Corfu island , he started his Dj career , (in the start organizing partys with his friend & slowly , slowly started djing at famous clubs around Corfu)

Dj MK on decks around Greece – Corfu island : (varius clubs / bars /festival& privite parties) ~as resindent Dj or as a Guest :
EDEM CLUB , Romeo Club (Roda) , Passoa ,Tartaya , AUBAR , Romeo & Juliet ,Destil , Soho , ANISSETE ,Versus, Bora bora , Unlimit , Avenue , Petra Coctail Bar ,Cuba Libre , Megusta bAR ,Winter bar old Fortress,loft bar,Drops bar,Mystique,B.E.D (Sidari)

also performed in Athens city for Crystal company

Dj MK on decks in France : SNOWATTACK FESTIVAL 2011 (French Alps)